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Welcome! I'm Stacy and these are my semi-sane ramblings. I'm a recent college graduate and as-yet-undiscovered Broadway diva. Feel free to read what's here and decide for yourself how you could have wasted your time more effectively ;-)
Time: the Present
Nov. 22nd, 2007 @ 11:28 pm An Urgent Request
Hey guys! *waves* So, I'm not dead. That's the good news. The bad news is this isn't a real update, although that's on the to do list. But today I need to ask for your help. Injustice is happening in the world and my mother is on the front lines trying to prevent it.

Please read on and help if you canCollapse )

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too pure to be pink
May. 30th, 2007 @ 05:48 pm fandom_counts
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So, surely you've all heard about Strikethrough 2007. Just in case you haven't though, LJ has apparently responded to pressure from a child pornography/child molestation prevention group and started suspending journals left and right based on interests listed. Now of course none of use support child abuse (I hope!), but it's turned into something of a witch hunt. lolita07, a community dedicated to reading the Nabokov novel, was deleted. That's just ridiculous.

One of the main targets, however, seems to be fandom related journals which clearly deal only with fictional subjects. So, in response, vichan has created fandom_counts. It's just a body count to show LJ how many of their 13 million journals are fandom related. So, if you consider yourself a member of any fandom . . . join! Right now! What are you still doing here?
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viscount your suck og
May. 18th, 2007 @ 12:35 am SPN FINALE = BEST THING EVER
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Coherency later, squee now. Forgive the capslock :-,

\o/ <-- see this? This is my recently discovered favorite emoticon.

\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/ <-- this is what I did at the end of this episode. No, really. I did.


There will be much more of this entry later, including actual content of the episdoe . . . when I don't have to be at work in 6.5 hours.
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May. 11th, 2007 @ 02:43 am 2x21 sorta recap
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Ok, so I've been really trying to not yammer on about Supernatural so much for the sake of my completely disinterested RL friends, but seriously, guys? Season finale part 1? Cut me some slack.

Flailing, Spoilers, and maybe some coherency this wayCollapse )
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May. 6th, 2007 @ 12:17 am Suddenly I See
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There seems to be a fundamental problem with my life plans. I want to do and achieve a great many things. I even know what most of these things are. But I seem to be at a point where the first step towards any of these goals is so huge and terrifying that it feels more like jumping off a cliff. Or, in some cases, I can't even find the first step to know how scary it must be. I know that I would be able to work my way through all the dues paying and whatnot that I'm supposed to do if I could get to maybe step 2 or 3. But right now I'm wandering around with an envelope full of dues going "so who am I supposed to give this to exactly?"
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May. 1st, 2007 @ 01:29 pm Fried Spam
Yes, the literal kind in the blue can, not the figurative, internet kind. That is what I just had for lunch. You wish I were kidding, heck, I wish I were kidding, but I am not.
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too pure to be pink
Apr. 25th, 2007 @ 11:24 am She has a life!
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So, startlingly enough, things happened in my life this weekend. Yes! Things that bear no relation to either my job OR Supernatural.

Saturday: The Gig that Wasn't

So recently I've become attached to a band called Holiday, singing secondary vocals. By "band" I mean two people (now three, counting me) who play a bunch of classic rock and some newer stuff that sounds like classic rock at festivals and such around the area. It is pretty awesome fun, though. So anyway, Saturday was going to be our first time performing together, down at the Earth Day Festival. Our set time was 1:40. We were assembled and had checked in with the sound guy by about 1. The group that was on before us got going a little late and finished a little late, but this was all cool. HOWEVER, the guy whose sound equipment it was decided to slide himself in rather than letting us go on when we were supposed to. He was kind of a huge jerk about it and laughed at Will (our lead guitarist) when he tried to talk to him and see what was going on. So! We decided we didn't have to deal with that and promptly left. I wasn't too upset about it. I mean, sure I wanted to perform, but whatever, right?

Sunday: Joe and Ariel!

Well, having been given an unprecedented second consecutive Sunday off, my original plan had been to go to church. Then Ariel called me and mentioned that she was in town for the weekend, so we decided to get together on Sunday. Since I hadn't seen Ariel in nearly a year, I figured God would understand. Or, Ariel's explanation: She's more important that God ;-) Joe also accompanied. We went to IHOP and spent a couple of hours there before moving on to the mall. Shopping when one has no money to spend is less than entertaining (although, I confess! I bought yet another Jack Sparrow shirt, but only because it was half off) Fortunately we were all reasonably interested in a movie, so we saw Disturbia. This was fairly awesome. It is a modern adaptation of Rear Window. Personally, I mostly was interested because I like Shia LeBeouf. Hey, call me shallow! But seriously, it was a really good thriller. Ariel, who is MUCH more versed in all things Hitchcock than me says that every little tiny thing in the movie had a correlation with Rear Window, which is kinda cool. Strangely, despite most summaries I have read mentioning Rear Window, it isn't credited in Disturbia. *shrug*

Thus ends the tale of my vaguely interesting doings of the weekend.
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Mar. 12th, 2007 @ 01:01 am It's like I have a social life . . .
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. . . or something :-P


The grand excursion involving things of cooking! Made my second trip in recent weeks up to Fredericksburg. The mission on this day was to save Aaron from a life of perpetual Taco Bell. While there's nothing wrong with Taco Bell (ok, so there's a lot wrong with it, but we won't go into that here) one should probably not be living on it. Strictly speaking I think the mission was of a social nature, with the activities being secondary, but you know. Anyways. At the beginning of the day Friday, there was a kitchen that contained . . . spoons. And not much else. After our huge excursion to WalMart (the exciting kind where you actually get to BUY things!) it contained many more things than spoons. Things to make it possible to create actual meals in said kitchen. And we created one. We made lasagne, mostly from scratch. This is a feat I have never before attempted, judging the frozen kind to be sufficient or going to a restaurant to fulfill my lasagne needs. But I do feel quite accomplished. It only took us four hours :-P Also there was Ben and Jerry's (oh, Mint Cookie! How I've missed you!) modernmorland would be SOOOO proud of how much of my pint I managed to finish. My success is largely due to the fact that I had eaten all of a Wawa pretzel beforehand. Also, there was SPN! By a happy coincidence I got to be present for the witnessing of Hell House and Something Wicked (Aaron is working his way through S1) two most excellent episodes :-D


In the morning was work, oh happy day. But after that was much more entertaining. modernmorland's friend Isaac expressed a great and pressing need to get off the peninsula. Being in the Coast Guard, he tends to spend a lot of time there. So I said, well central VA is fascinating, come visit! And by fascinating I mean . . . not Newport News? Yeah. Anyway, Isaac is heavy into the photography and had requested interesting architecture. Upon reflection, I decided that avoiding my poor knowledge of the downtown area was best and settled upon a visit to U of R. See a few of the resulting pictures here:


And then we staved off starvation with the timely application of food and talked for a bit. He showed me a great many pictures that he had of going interesting places with the Coast Guard which made me hugely jealous. Not the Coast Guard part, just the going cool places part :-P And then I sent him home.

Sunday: I woke up at supposedly 6 AM, but actually 5 AM (or that's what my body was screaming at me) and went to work. Seriously, I LOVE Daylight Savings Time! I know, I'll be singing a different tune in October when I get an EXTRA hour of sleep, but that's not doing me any good now.

Coming Soon!

Tomorrow (today) will be the seeing of lyricalangel86! College is a cruel mistress that keeps us separated :'-(

that is all.
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slytherin better
Mar. 9th, 2007 @ 12:05 am yay, corporate america!
So I just found out that as a Barnes and Noble employee I get discounts on Apple products. For example, the shiny new iMac and iPod I have been saving up for. sweet!
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shelves in the closet
Mar. 1st, 2007 @ 11:08 am Fandom gets some love :-)
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So this article just fills me with the happy.  Essentially it is an endorsement of fan culture from somebody smart and reasonable.  I mean sure, everybody who's in a fandom understands it, but people who have never been quite that scarily obsessed are kind of at a loss.  Also, I hope the bigwigs at every studio ever are reading this, because it's kind of for them.  Fans spend their valuable time promoting shows/movies/whatever for FREE and then spending their money to help it out besides.  It's a pretty sweet deal for studios and networks and they should probably play nice.  Fortunately, it seems like some of them are starting to get that. 
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